Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Resolve Facebook Spam Issue With Facebook Helpline Number 1-855-675-0081

If Your FB notification field is always full with irritating ads then you are not the only one, most of Facebook users are facing the same problem with their account.

There are few tips that can help you to stay away from Spam
Be secretive
Keep your interests secret to an extent , because more the Facebook know about people more it targets you with ads and those ads lead you to Spamming Because information about your likes and dislikes makes advertisers ‘job easier. So those tempting apps are really focused on your every little information

Never like too much stuff
Another reason Of Facebook spam is using like button too much, it easy to like stuff, but sometimes can promote spamming in your account as well as account of your friends..

Stop liking so much stuff your likes on Facebook makes a huge change on your wall and notification page, this may fill your wall with those annoying ads instead of posts of your friends.

Another Kind Of Spam

Another type of Facebook spam is mass invitations when someone installs an app and it automatically sends invitation to his/her friends and keeps telling them about his/her activity on that app


Spam also involves unwanted kind of requests and content, bulk messages, images or invitations from the people you don’t know about. it can spread through clicking on bad links or apps.Sometimes that spammer got access to your account which are then used to promote spam on Facebook

If you clicked something and it leads you to spam you can perform few easy steps to avoid Spam
·        Keep your account secure
·        Keep changing password
·        Check your login history time to time
·        Go through your recent activities
·        Delete unwanted activities
·        Check all those apps you have installed so far and delete everything you don’t trust
·        Delete all images,posts ,groups,events that you didn’t create and useless for you.
·        You can simply report that stuff to Facebook Directly

If You are Unable to Perform above mention Steps and looking for an expert to help then Facebook Technical Helpline provides Facebook Support Services to recover all general or critical issues related to Facebook.Facebook Helpdesk experts are available round the clock for quick assistance in resolving Facebook login issues whenever a user dials Facebook helpline number

For instant assistance and support

Dial Facebook support phone Number
+1-855-675-0081 (USA/Canada)
+44-800-051-3717 (United Kingdom)

for more info visit

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